Reconnective Storytelling, Foredrag, Kurs og Workshops

Ivanir holder både foredrag, workshops og lengre kursforløp i fortellerkunst, kan jobbe både på Svensk, Dansk, Norsk og Engelsk.



I denne workshopen vil vi fordype oss i eventyrets forunderlige verden og leke med fortellinger på ulike måter. I et arbeid som er fylt med glede og humor skal vi jobbe med bilder, både de vi hører og de som dukker opp i vårt indre og vi skal skape nye fortellinger. Ved hjelp av fantasien kan vi tilegne oss verktøy som hjelper oss å få kontakt med vår egen indre visdom.

Hva folk sier:

Jeg følte meg sett og ivaretatt, opplevde felleskap og fikk anledning til å anerkjenne min historie og vokse gjennom indre bilder. Vilde , Oslo April 2017

Det var strålende Ivanir. Lekent, overraskende emosjonelt og vakkert. Kjersti Martinsen  Oslo April 2017


Storytelling and Personal objects (Autobiographical Storytelling)

In this workshop we will explore storytelling from the relation on personal objects. We often think of personal objects as something we need, some aesthetic, necessities or something we have just for fun. But the personal objects are companions in our emotion, they serve to express dynamic processes within us, among us, and between us and our surroundings. The objects are part of our biography. Personal objects may be lost, but even lost objects have strength and power, and as they are remembered, they carry stories with them, these stories can still be told and listened to. Personal objects, whether they are lost or still belonging to the owner, contain memories and legacy. They are connected to deep feelings. These stories can go all the way into the core of man. This work has used as part of language training in work with refugees.


MY STORY MY LIFE (Dette kurset har blitt holdt på Island og i Norge sammen m Sigurborg Hannesdottir 5Rhythmr teacher)

Dance and stories connect you with the most powerful core of your being. When listening to a fairytale we can often discover that they are a reflection of our own lifes. In this workshop we will, through stories and dance increase the awareness of tension from our life stories in our bodies. We will come to see our life from a different perspective, with acceptance and self compassion. And we will search for the key to open the chest of treasures that resides inside each one of us.

What people say:

“At the start I was a bit wary of the storytelling aspect but I felt immediately at ease with Ivanir. I was quickly reminded that the art of storytelling is an ancient magic that we all need and long for on both a deep ancestral collective level and in our individual psyches.”
Roger Bygott, participant Oct. 2016

EMBODYING THE OTHER THAN HUMAN WORLD IN STORY The Wild has a voice that never stops speaking, every being has its own tale to tell – whether it be a shivering leaf, a hard working ant or a trickling stream.

In this workshop we will open up our senses and joyfully explore how we can give voice to that Other-than-Human world and thus become more authentic as storytellers.The world in which we will be working is that of the woods and meadows of the beautiful Sibylla farm. Here we will pay attention to what the place has to say and then tell the stories we hear back to the place. We will do activities that will enable us to experience the place more deeply: listening, walking, playing, making, moving, eating, stillness. We will creatively articulate these experiences through stories both with and without words.

Never has there been a more important time to know better our fellow other-than human travellers, to tell stories of how to live on the earth. As a part of a final celebration we will offer what we have made to each and every other; be it the old birch on the forest edge or our human companions.

When: May 30th—Sunday 2 June 2019
Where: Sibyllas Farm of the Art
With: Malcolm Green & Ivanir Sibylla Hasson
Your investment: NOK 2500,- (Early bird before April 1st NOK 2000) Basic accommodation is provided on the farm from May 30th – June 2nd include organic vegetarian meals. Shared room – NOK 1900 Single room / NOK 2400
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