Earlier Productions

Earlier productions in the last six years Concerning national minority issues

1999 Travelling life in the footsteps of the tater, A strong story about the destiny and assimilation of the taters of Norway. Made especially for Telemarksfestivalen, (international folk music festival) intercultural project with12 actors from 8 different countries written by Ivanir Hasson Olsen Director: Miguel Angel Imilmaqui Utreras.  First performance 29.7.99

2001 The little black chicken a gypsy folk story 2 actors/dancers 2 musicians for children Touring Telemark. Director: Niklas Ågren. First performance 31.7.01

2002 Kraft a fire and shaddow play , digerido, 2 musicians 2 actors for Euro Montana, Vinje commune and Tine dairy producer First performance 20.9.02

2003 Kalo Dant and the dragon a gypsy mythical journey, 3 actors. Tour 03 – 04, Touring Norway and Sweden. Director: Juan Rodriguez  First performance 21.6.03

2004 Sami in Tinn a local historical school projectProduction of the performance Way of the wind  with 33 children including dance, shadow play, theatre, exhibitions, interviews, and art. In collaboration with Bente Geving and Signe Eira both pictographic artists. With research help from Per Espeland director of the local library.    

2005 Sami in Tinn Everyday stories and poetry about the Sami in Tinn commune  reading poetry in Tinn museum, and for the opening of a art exhibition by the Sámi artist Bente Geving First performed 18.10.05

2010 Looking for a Job A pantomime performance in collaboration with the palestinian actor Said Salama. First performance 10.12.2010 Rjukan

2011 The girl and the SnakeA mythic/autobiografical storytelling performance built on the native american story w the same name . First Performance 9.12.2011 Rjukan

2013 East Wind A warm musical storytelling performance with stories from the east with klezmer og roma music. First performance uke 41 Rjukan

2016 Stories in The Wild This is a storytelling performance where Ivanir share stories with real encounters nature

2018 Foreign Bird A story about being different, getting chased away and at last finding your true coloures by helping others. First Performance Vilnius 9.12.2018

Earlier received grants

Bygdeutviklingsfondet, Arts Council Norway, Audio and Visual Fund Norway, Fund for Performing Artist Norway, Telemark County, Tinn Community, Vinje Community, Sametinget, Arts Council Norway DKS (The Cultural Backpack), Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion, Tinn Sparebank, Jewish Museum of Oslo,  The Freedom of Expression Foundation, Extramidlene, Norwegian Peoples Aid, Folkakademiet, UDI (The foreign DepartmentNorway), Nordic Culture Point, FEST (Federation for European Storytelling) NAA (Norwegian Artist Abroad) and many others