Ivanir Sibylla Hasson is a performing artist, she  lives on a small farm in the outskirts of Hardangervidda. The connection to the mountains and nature are important sources of inspiration for her creative work. In addition to being a performing artist and leader of The theatre group Cirkus Sibylla & Sibylla Theatre, she also work independently as a storyteller. The fascination of myths, legends and fairy tales has led her in to a deepening concerne about how myths and stories are used to show the way through the issues we face on our journey through life.

Ivanir has been working with myths, legends and fairy tales for over 30 years through the production of various plays and performances mostly for children. Since 2005 she has immersed  in the healing story and has studied with Nancy Mellon from the USA and others  in the area Storytelling as a Healing Art.  2010 she took over as a leader for the Healing story organization Nordic ALBA Norway and were arranging an international Symposium Storytelling as a Healing Art; The Way Of The Heart Norway summer 2012. And are now organizing a new International Symposium 25.–30.7.2016  Stories in The Wild. She is also a member of the European Storytelling Peace Council founded in Escurel France October 2014 and Tellers without borders since 2015. She has been teling stories and holding workshops with Healing  and Reconnective Storytelling in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, UK, Slovenia, Hungary, Bosnia Herzegovina, Crete and Malta.

As an educator she works intuitively and is very keen to capture the energy that arises here and now. Her long experience as a teacher in Norway’s smallest Circus, Cirkus Sibylla, makes her a dynamic and exciting instructor. She uses means as play, dance and singing as a part of the work.

See more info: www.nordiskalba.org, www.cirkussibylla.com and www.ivanir.com Contact info: +4740410282

Email: ivanir.sibylla@gmail.com